• tall, dark and lying

    by  • July 22, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Betrayal • 0 Comments

    I thought that it was gonna last. I was a fool maybe? Perhaps so. You were a good actor. You fooled everyone around us. Even me and i was the one in the relationships. I opened myself up to you like i’ve done to no person before. You knew my secrets. I thought i knew yours. You lied to me the whole time. You told me you were acting as someone who wasn’t you. But you didn’t think i would find out after you broke up with me that you had cheated on me. The whole while i told everyone how we parted ways but were still on good terms. You were a good person and didn’t deserve to be talked shit on. But that didn’t stop you from jumping to the next girl…. It wasn’t love for you. Yet i loved who i thought you were. Which is why i’m mourning. Not for you, but for the lost wholeness of my heart. It will be an awful long time before the shattered pieces glue themselves back together. So thanks for that. For the betrayal, the hurt, the lies, and most of all the feeling of being left with nothing because you gave someone all you had.

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