• Still You…

    by  • July 22, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Thinking of you • 0 Comments

    I got asked out on a date today. A guy came up to me at the bar tonight and told me that I was cute and started to talk to me for about an hour. He asked me out for Sunday and I said yes. I don’t have feelings for him. He is a nice guy and it was nice to get attention from a guy that I didn’t know, but I don’t feel that spark.

    We met at a bar but we soon figured out that we lived two doors down from each other. Man I love that night and the times I spent together. I felt a spark with you but I also loved how comfortable I was with you and other random things you would do when we were together. When I got home from the bar tonight, I thought about how much I still like you and that we worked well together. We have things in common like major, watching movies and tv, baseball, and some music. We also have things that are different which is why I think we could work. There is no one else that I want to be with besides you. No one compares to you. Man I wish you would call or text or message me just a hello. I wish you would see how I’m doing and I wish you would put in the effort of being with me. I would do anything to be with you and I know our relationship would be primarily long distance, but I would do it to be with you. I would figure out the distance thing as long as I knew you were mine and no one else’s. I really don’t want to date anyone else because they don’t compare to you.

    I wish I could get over you and date someone else, but I always have this hope you want to be with me. It’s stupid but it’s the truth. I will always be thinking of you until someone can top you, but it will be very hard. You have set the bar quite hard and it doesn’t help that I think of you often. I miss you and I hope you miss me.

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