• my small promise

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    Look. I know. We’ve been broken up for a while. But for some goddamn reason we are still in each other’s lives. We pretend as though we’re friends. We’re not. You’re too important to me for such a simplistic title; it’s almost demeaning.

    I cannot promise you we will make it. I cannot promise you we will not argue. I cannot promise you I will not hurt you or that I will not be hurt by you. But these are the things I can promise you.

    I promise to be faithful to you. Love you with my entire being.

    I promise to bite my tongue more and not be so nosy about what’s going on in your life.

    I promise to cook you much more red meat.

    I promise to not give you too many kisses to wake you up like I used to…maybe just one really soft one.

    I promise to respect you. Your family. Your friends.

    I promise to NEVER break your trust again, and not be so jealous that I don’t trust you.

    I promise to make you much more bacon in the morning, and let you sleep in a lot more.

    I promise to go to Mass with you every Sunday.

    I promise to not send you any more letters or emails of heartache, and send you much more that are filled with better things. like love.

    I promise to not just save all of my bad days for you. You are the man who has made me happier than I ever felt, and because of that, I will make sure you know it.

    I promise to never invade your privacy or your friendships, and will respect you with as much as you truly deserve.

    I promise to go to every single swim meet. And cheer for no one except you.

    I promise to wake up early with you to get you to swim practice, and stay up late with you to finish a problem set. .

    I promise to be your workout buddy when you miss a practice and need to make one up.

    I promise to massage you softly and tenderly. I promise to scratch your head, neck, and back whenever I get the chance.

    I promise to always let you barbeque.

    I promise to have it be much more you and me time and a lot less hanging out in big groups. I promise to have a lot more date nights. A lot more walks. A lot more of everything.

    I promise to never. ever. Walk away from an argument.

    I promise to stay over when you ask, and not make you come over as much.

    I promise to watch as many episodes of whatever show you want, just because this lets me hold you and hear you laugh.

    I won’t ask much from you, except a place to rest my head on, and a hand to grip mine. You may not feel ready for anything. You may feel messed up. And I understand that and want to respect it, as much as it kills me. You asked me to be your friend, but know that I am still waiting for you. But I support you in all you do.

    I love you with more than I can put into simple words.

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