• Mum!

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    Mum.. I need your help.

    I know it’s been a few years since you heard from me but I coudn’t keep away any longer. Things are getting too much and I need your guidance.

    If only you were beside me right now I would be fine, and no harm would ever come to me, you would keep me safe and sane…but you’re not, and it kills me.

    Everything has changed so much since that Christmas, and none of it for the better. I try to stay positive but it is so hard in the face of everything. Some people helped me at first but they have their own lives to lead and with the excpetion of one individual, they have all been a dissapointment to me, as I might have to them.

    So tonight when I secretly gather the photos, and with shaking fingers light the candles, kneel and pray, please listen and hear me. Let me pour my heart out to you like I would if you were still here and send me down some peace, love and sanity.

    I know you didn’t believe in anything spiritual, none of us did or do, but I hope in my heart of hearts that you exist somewhere, anywhere and forever.

    Love for all eternity
    your desperate daughter xxx

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