• I’m Sorry. Thank You.

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    I’m sorry I always had your favorite foods available. I’m sorry I wanted to return my library book you borrowed. I’m sorry I liked to eat Mac and Cheese when I knew you didn’t like it. I’m sorry I took you to the pool so you could cool off. I’m sorry I paid so we could go see concerts. I’m sorry I took us to see movies. I’m sorry I gave you nicknames. I’m sorry I was always willing to drive you anywhere. I’m sorry I had a job so I couldn’t be there 24/7. I’m sorry I followed my dreams of going to college. I’m sorry I talked to other people. I’m sorry I had other friends. I’m sorry I liked a boy I had been seeing for a year. I’m sorry I never doubted you and your lies. I’m sorry I let you move in. I’m sorry I wanted to be friends with your friends. I’m sorry I let you be a part of my family. I’m sorry I ever believed we were friends. I’m sorry I have done these things and others that have made you hate me so much. I’m sorry I am no longer allowed talking to you. I’m sorry I no longer have a best friend. I’m sorry I never got to say goodbye.

    But, can I ask you something? Why did you never say, “Thank you? Thank you for always having my favorite foods available. Thank you for letting me borrow you library book. Thank you for making me something else when you had Mac and Cheese. Thank you for taking me to the pool to cool off. Thank you for taking me to concerts. Thank you for taking me to the movies. Thank you for caring enough to give me nicknames. Thank you for driving me anywhere. Thank you for having a job to pay for me. Thank you for going after your dreams. Thank you for feeling comfortable enough to meet new people. Thank you for introducing me to your friends. Thank you for letting me have the boy you’ve been seeing for a year. Thank you for believing my lies. Thank you for giving me a home. Thank you for wanting to be friends with my friends. Thank you for letting me be a part of your family. Thank you for thinking you were my friend. Thank you for letting me put you down to make myself feel better. Thank you for realizing I just used you. Thank you for not contacting me and just disappearing like we never knew one another.”

    I’m sorry you’ll never actually read this. Thank you for the lies.

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