• I’m Sorry…in advance

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    Dear B,

    I don’t know how long it will take for me to run, but I will. It’s what I do in every relationship. It won’t be because of you, trust me. I grew up in a wonderful, loving family. My parents have been happily married for 30 years and yet I know nothing about how to love someone. You are just my latest victim. I thought it was because I hadn’t met the right guy and maybe I still haven’t. You are so damn close to being right for me though, but you aren’t. I’m already starting my routine. The routine I have mastered these past few years. I am an escape artist. I came into your life and made you fall for me. I don’t say this because I am cocky, but it’s true isn’t it? You have fallen so hard for me, and I have only tricked you. I wish with all my heart i wasn’t this way. I wish I could blame it on the past guys that have hurt me. I wish they were the reason for all the hurt I have caused other guys and the hurt I know you will be feeling soon, but they aren’t. i want to changed but I have no idea how to. I haven’t met the man that won’t just make me want to change but will actually make me change. One month and I leave. One month and I have the perfect escape route. I will take it. You are so wonderful, but so different from me. I’m too scared to stay in one spot, to plant roots with you. I hope someday I will be able to explain this to you, but for now I just hope you catch on to my hints before I have disappeared from your life and you are alone.

    I’m sorry

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