• I was Your Sunshine…

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    Dear Parents, …

    I don’t know where to start. You say you have provided for me, everything I could ever want. First, MOM provided for me, and Marsha took care of me. You, DAD, did nothing but beat me up and call me names, like fat, stupid and ugly. And as far as my surgery goes, I got all the information, planned all the doctor visits, got all the information together for it! I HELPED MYSELF! and for the past 2yrs have worked, literally My ass off in losing 123lbs! Now, NOW that I am in desperate need of help, the kind which only money can buy and insurance won’t cover, you want to throw me away for voicing my opinion of you. Dad, you are scum. You were an awful father and a terrible husband. I mean, you cheated to get back at mom, got caught, and went to PRISON for it! and you still don’t think you’ve done anything wrong!! You are so cold, and Fate has shown you time and time again that you have to change. You tried to build your own house and someone burns it down, You have been married three times (first time to your COUSIN), Every child you have raised has tried to kill themselves and/or cut themselves. You will end up alone, old man. I hope the Alzheimer’s kicks in earlier, I hope your mind rots away and all you have are your memories of us…Your children, Cowering in the corners of our rooms, holding each other preparing for the next swing.

    MOM..Please! This is ME! I stayed, I stayed and took care of you and Sarah. I cleaned, cooked, shopped, raised Sarah for three years! I gave up so much for you. you make a 6 figure salary, what is $8,000. Would you really feel it, do you really need a new fiber-glass door? mom, I don’t want to live anymore. I want to die, I am 22 and I don’t want to live. I’ve worked so hard, and…I can’t. I’m 22 year old virgin and I have the body of a Middle-aged woman with three kids….I can’t live like this, mom…so why am I still alive. Guess, dad was right, No matter what I do…I’m still disgusting.

    Don’t you see, I have to leave. I have to run away to the only place I’ve been happy. I have to run to the sunshine! I love you, mom but I have to leave him behind.

    Frances a.k.a Sunni (funny, you used to sing me that song…)

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