• I hope you “YES” if he asks you to marry him

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    You two went on a trip together and I think alone time with each other is exactly what you need right now, I told you this already. You told me this would be your deciding point and I said I hope it turns out well… but I never told you what else I hope for.

    -I hope you two sit down and talk about things that bother you…even if I am part of the subject, I’m sure my ears will be a-ringin.

    …I just want to make it clear with you that I do not and would never want to ‘steal’ him away from you… he LOVES you. Yes, we had a moment in the past, and it will always mean something to us because of what happened. You were talked about back then my dear best friend, and he didn’t even know who you would be yet, but he knew that you would be our rock… he knew he didn’t have to worry about you.

    -I hope he helps you to understand it a little better but I think “Life” taught you so much already. You didn’t question me about it, you lived it, and so did I. We are best friends and will always be each other’s rock.

    And I hope beyond hope that you can understand the feelings him and I have for each other.

    …We would never betray your trust, I don’t want him in my life in that way… although admittedly I did wonder bout the ‘what if’s’ while trying to figure out the mystery… but I realize now that you and him were meant to be.

    BUT I don’t like having to hide that it meant something to us… least of all from him.

    My latest daydream involves the two of you. We are sitting at your dining room table, you and I are at one end.. he is at the other. We are sitting around chatting it up… high as usual… and when he gets up to go let the dog in, you whisper to me that he asked you to marry him… I get all excited and ask you what your answer was… you tell me you said YES. I get excited, give you a quick hug and say ‘oh girlfriend”. Then I will run to him even more excited. I will say with a big smile and excitement in my eyes “SHE SAID YES!!! CONGRATS and I will give him the best hug he has ever gotten from me. I will look him in the eyes and tell him that I am so happy for him. And he will tell me thank you and that it means the world to him that I approve of him being my best friend’s man. I will say “oh you betcha” We will hug again. Then I will run back to you and give you another hug and say “I’m so glad you said YES!” and you will say “Oh, me too!!”

    I love you two so much… you complete me… and I hope we will always be the best of friends.

    Much Love, T

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