• Honesty

    by  • July 22, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Love - Pure and Simple • 0 Comments

    Sometimes I wish you and I could sit down and talk about our feelings face to face without arguing. I wish you would listen to the important things I have to tell you. To me those wishes are a dream. My dreams used to be a reality, you were someone I could share my every thought with. Now, you know where our relationship sits. What you don’t know are my feelings… You are the love of my life and as I look at you or think about you when you are away I see things slowly deteriorating. I never thought that OUR love could die. I wish and pray that it never will. But now I can see it happening. I choose to act the way I do because I do not want to upset you. I used to try to be close to perfect as I could for you. I have failed. The woman you see now is not the girl she once was… she is on the verge of turning back to the girl she was when you first met her but with all her heart and soul she will fight that. She hopes you will appreciate her just being herself. The outgoing yet shy girl, the down for anything yet cautious girl, the spiteful yet loving girl, the girl you have fallen in love with. I feel as if our relationship needs to change and where it starts is the connection between us. We need to openly share our thoughts and feelings with each other without holding back. In order to do this we both need to change the way we react to each other emotions. When we detect anger, we need to ask what happened that I need to change. When we detect sadness we need to pull each other in close and ask whats wrong. When we see happiness in each others eyes we need to smile. I admit I am the fault. I have excepted that, it took awhile but I know what I’ve done wrong. I’ve done my best to make things better. We have our good times and our bad times. You have gone through your share of bad times and now I am going though mine. I love you and deep down inside me I know I am in love with you. I am in love with you. The past days for me have been hard, I’ve pushed you away and haven’t been honest. Now I have. I am willing to change but I need you to also. When I am not speaking to you I want you to be the one to make the move. If I am not touching you I want you to touch me. I may have my difficult ways that you have trouble understanding. I want to look past everything re light the spark between us. For you the spark is there, I know its me who needs to rekindle it. I just ask for your help…because I love you.

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