• Give In Already

    by  • July 22, 2011 • Sex • 0 Comments

    Dear Temptation,

    This letter may come as a surprise to you as accordance to how direct I may come across. To make this short, and to say what is blatant, I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you like nothing I have even begun to dream before you. The image of your perfectly thick erect cock literally makes me quiver and sends pulses through my entire body. The way it enveloped my mouth was so delicious, and I would do anything to swallow your giant load again.

    You want it. Don’t deny it. Stop playing games. Your fit body would destroy me. I want it so bad. But I could take it, and you know it. You know I’ve got what it takes to make a man burst fast, and you know that what my body has to offer is way more right now than your dear girlfriend. So when I’m working out and packing major ass that you can’t keep your eyes off of, I suggest you stop making it so obvious and drooling. She notices, and she suspects something.

    And she is so right. I want you to pin me up against the wall by my neck and go at it like you’ve always wanted to. I want you to push me over, slap my huge ass, and fuck me like a wild dog. Take out all your anger from the fact your girlfriend is flatter than college rule. I want you to make me dripping wet from teasing me, sticking your big fingers in my tight pussy that’s anticipating how full you’ll make me feel. Then slide in your rock hard cock and rail me furiously. I want your pain.

    Please consider this. I can fulfill anything you want, and I’m so ready.


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