• friends again…forever

    by  • July 22, 2011 • Friends • 0 Comments

    so i met this girl in 8th grade. we became friends fast. started hanging in school then we ended up becoming GOOD friends and skipping class togeather.. AND getting caught.. so we had inschool together. that was fun. then we started hanging outside of school. one day we were hanging with some other people and she kept telling everyone “you’re my best friend” to everyone. so i got pissed and took my phone and put “blahblahblah is my best friend” on my facebook knowing she got my facebook updates. so she got it read it and was like wtf! so then we got in a fight. a big fight. and we stopped talking. and started talking shit about eachother at school. alsmost got in a few fist fights. and in the morning before classes id be sitting with the guy i liked and still do. and her and her friends would be looking over and i knew they were talking about me. so id say something so the guy i like and his friends always cheered me up. so eventually i tried filling her place with this other girl that was suicidal. it felt good helping her out of killing her self but it didnt fill where my friend was in my heart…but this year we had drama class togeather and we became friends over that. we apolagized and caught up and came to the realization how STUPID the fight was. so we started hanging out a again. then got in a fight. and a few days later became friends and now were here. im not gunna ever fight with her again. never shes too good of a friend to loose. she watches out for me while being with her fiance. and shes had a rough past and i love when she vents to me. just to know she trusts me enough with her past situations. i haven’t been through the stuff she’s been through but i still love helping her. she knows everything about me. and i think i know everything about her. she tells me everything. without her i’d probably still be cutting myself.. so i’m glad i have her. she’s my bestfriend forever. and that’s never gunna change for me. i love her

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