• Always and forever?

    by  • July 22, 2011 • Anger • 0 Comments

    So here i am, A few days away from our 1 year and 8 months mark, & I just think about all this shit we went through all the crap i put up with and how much you meant to me. You were my everything. And it pisses me off how you just ended it like that. Yea, you still call me every day and text me and tell me you love me. But, it’s still not the same. When i was with you. NOTHING ELSE mattered i didn’t care about what my friends said. I didn’t care about how much i cried. I wouldn’t of cared if the whole world was gonna end. As long as i had you, i was okay. I saved all your notes. All yur drawing, All the memories we had together will forever be in my mind. you were my superman. We had plans for the future. i put you in my life. i trusted you and gave you everything i had. February the 15th. You dumped me for some person you ended up being with for a week, A WEEK. then dated some one else you didn’t even wanna be with, The whole time you were with them, You sat next to me gave me long hugs, Gave all your attention to me and none to them. Then you choose to break up with them and all of a sudden you want me again, Not to date me but you just want all the thought to be about you, You wanna be the only guy i talk to, The only one who gets to call me babe. you wanna be my everything again, After you made me your second choice…Messed up much,? I was so in love with you, & you tell me you still are but truth be told,? You lied, your un sure about what you want & I don’t think i can deal with that. you get pissed off when some boy kisses me but you can go and mess around with whoever you want. then get mad at me for the thing i did, & Expect me to put up with ittt. No, I’m not gonna be that girl who gives up everything anymore, the girl who would make you her everything. I’m done. I can get so much better and now i’m finally realizing that, what we had/have is teenage love, Doesn’t really mean anything unless you stick with your plan to marry me but all i’m saying i loved you, you loved me, i wanted you, you still want me.&.yea sometimes i think about you and miss what we had. but then again, It’s time to move on.(: <3 love always, meee.

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