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    my category for this letter is depression, why?

    i remember the night i first met you, you asked me why i had to leave so early. I told you about how guys cheated on me, and you promised me, you’d be different, i was myself around you, i remember the night we sat at that corner, just, talking, and the night you put your arm around me, the night we kissed. You told me your mom was sick, so you had to stay home, then i saw you walking around with her. The girl who you said you’d never speak to again, since she broke your heart, i believed you every other time. I felt so humiliated to see you. why did you have to? we could of been with each other right now. I loved you, i really did.

    nothing will turn out right for me, no matter what,
    my mom doesn’t even love me, i never see my dad, and i could never trust my sister. my friends wouldn’t care to listen to me, i just want to be happy again, i don’t wanna cry every night, why can’t i be good enough, to a guy, to my friends, even to my family, Every mornng, i tell myself, today will be different, but at night, i just go back to crying, to being depressed,I am only 14, 14!, i’m to young for this, i’m to young to be crying myself to sleep for two weeks already, i miss the REAL* smiles, the REAL* laughs, the only thing real right now are my tears, this is my summer, this is how it will be, fake on the outside, dying on the inside, just cause, that’s how my life will be. . .


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      July 21, 2011 at 9:19 pm

      it’s gonna be okay.

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