• To My Sober Self:

    by  • July 21, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Confession • 0 Comments

    I don’t like you. You don’t think for yourself anymore. It’s extremely disappointing. You use to be an intelligent, head-strong young lady. YOU were meant to do something. Why did you have to let that guy take over you so much? If you wouldn’t have, there wouldn’t be an intoxicated you writing to the sober you…

    You became weak. A weak piece of trash that you promised yourself you’d never turn into. You have failed at every goal you once clung to. Now what? Now you cling to that rush. You want that high because there is nothing else that can fill the void that you dug for yourself. This is a hole you really can not get out of.

    Don’t get me wrong sober self. I LOVE being high….But I also loved being that kid that my parents could be proud of. I miss being that girl that everybody had high hopes for…

    You should be ashamed, sober self, because the intoxicated you is not impressed. Grow up and get a life before all your bridges are burned and you are left stranded to fight through to the end on your own.


    Ps. You can do this. I know there is some head-strong left in you. Use it. Build off of it. Love it. It’s the one thing that will build you back up now that you’ve been knocked down. <3

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