• “It’s all about the money”

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    Dear Uncle:

    You’re in your mid 40’s, Your mother is dying, you belittle your siblings, your nieces and nephews, and your own father. You keep putting on a show, making it seem like you’re a kind guy, but from telling me to shut up 3 times within a two minute conversation, without me talking, after i made a comment as simple as “it looks like midnight in here” when it’s 2pm…. you occupy the sitting room… no one can do anything without your approval… you say you’re sick of no one pitching in to help pay for your parents rented house so my grandmother can be closer to the hospital. It takes a lot for me to break down. but you made me break down. you don’t know what’s going on in my life, you don’t know how much I just wish you would go away so I can enjoy the last moments I’ll have with my grandparents before I have to go back to work and school across the world, i didn’t come home for a vacation, i came home to spend time with my grandmother who was dying, not everything is about money, everything in life is about family, if you haven’t got family then you haven’t got anything in my opinion. you keep bringing the argument back to money and how you’re the only one affected, we all have lives, we all have debt, we’re sorry you feel you’re being taken advantage off, and that you have such a pathetic life at home with no friends, and a girlfriend who is only after you, living with you with her daughter and her mother for your money, grow up Colm ó. …. I can see right through you, you’re pathetic, and when you die, which will be soon… because you don’t watch over your damn health. I won’t be at your funeral. because I won’t be sorry. you’ve done this to yourself, now it’s your choice. become that nice guy you make out to everyone that you are, that generous guy who “doesn’t expect anything in return” and STOP for heavens sake making it all about money when you say that to others then you turn around to your family and expect everyone, EVEN 18 YEAR OLDS who are working full time and paying their own way through college… by themselves… to pay you back… forget it… we have our lives, we don’t ask you of anything, stop forcing us to take favors and then expecting them back. I’m done with you uncle, You made an 18 year old, rugby player break down and cry, i hope you’re happy. I hope you find peace.

    Signed: When I leave this country I never want to speak to you again.

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