• I hope you remember.

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    To all those who have been let go by someone they care about.

    I hope you remember the good times we had.

    I hope you remember that we used to be in love. Remember when we could see each other every day and everything seemed so trivial as long as we were together. Remember the time you asked what I wished for at 11:11 and we shared that first kiss. Remember as the months went by as we got to know each other more and more and saw no end to our love. Remember how simple trips to Ikea or McDonalds were such a big part of our memories together. Remember that we couldn’t say each other’s name without smiling. Remember that I was always there for you when you needed someone, always willing to listen, or pick you up because of the rain. Remember the day we spent watching the rain fall because we loved watching the rain. I hope you remember all the amazing times we had. I also hope you remember the time you told me that I had nothing to worry about, that you were just stressed, that you just needed some relaxation time. Or the time before you left for a few days and you told me you loved me, and that you couldn’t wait to see me again. I also hope that you remember when I wanted to see you when you got back, you chose to be elsewhere. And when I finally stood up to you to see what was up, you chose to give it all up. I hope you remember that I just wanted an answer. Wanted to know what I did wrong. Wanted to know what I could do to fix everything. You couldn’t tell me so I’ve been just left with my thoughts. Months went by and we said not a word to each other. You had prom and brought no one, you graduated and didn’t celebrate with our friends. You decided to leave it all behind you because you were leaving. I analyzed everything, simply because that’s just what I do. I looked at every possible outcome, and you know what I came up with? Nothing. Nothing made sense in what you told me. You told me you wanted to break up because it would make you happier, and nothing was more important to me than you being happy, so I let you go. Yet now, I don’t see your once beautiful smile. I see that fake smile you show everyone when you’re hurt inside. No longer do I see your goofy smile that shows just how truly happy you are. I hope you remember that when I tried to be friends one last time before you left, you gave that up too. You told me I was just a complication, that you didn’t even want to try anymore. I hope you remember that you let how you really felt known by saying “AHHHHHHH”. I hope you also remember deleting that post and hoping no one read it. Truth is I read it. So later down the line right before you leave for university, I hope you remember all of these times and remember that it was never I who gave up, but you. I hope you remember that everyone told me that you weren’t worth it, yet I still wanted to try because I love you. I hope at the very end you realize you were wrong in what you did, and you regret the time you wasted being stubborn. And lastly, I hope you remember that what we had was real, and to you I may have been a complication, but I was damn worth it.

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