• Father of mine

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    You expect once you don’t have a job to be best friends with us, and expect us to want to hang out with you?
    No. You’re wrong.
    You’ve ignored us for so long that we don’t want to be around you anymore.
    And it’s not just that.

    It’s fact that you should be losing weight because you almost have TYPE TWO DIABETES. DO YOU NOT REALIZE THIS?!
    It’s serious.

    I promised myself I will NEVER be like you. I exercise, and eat healthy, so I stay healthy. I wish I could have a treat every so often, but I cannot. Because you’ll eat it.
    I really wish you had some self-control.

    But it’s not just that you’d eat what I buy, it’s that you buy things that are TERRIBLE for your diabetes. You drink SO MUCH juice and lemonade. Do you WANT to die!?

    It’s just so frustrating because you LOVE to watch sports, but you don’t even try to play the same sports. I don’t understand!

    I wish you would actually look for a job… It’s been over 5 months and you haven’t.
    Do you not realize you have two daughters in college?

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    1. Cat
      July 21, 2011 at 2:41 am

      He can’t hang out…because he ignored you.
      He should follow your diet advice…
      It doesn’t sound like you much care about him…
      What’s in it for him to put you through college?
      Believe it or not, you two are adults and your expectation that daddy will still financially carry you is wrong.
      The man can do what he wishes with his life.
      Why give thousands to someone who doesn’t even want to hang out with you?
      Honestly, what kind of life is that?

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