• dear you,

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    dear you,

    does this make you happy? was this your goal? the schooling you’ve put me through is something i cannot do, or that i even want to do. 6 years of my life, dedicated to this job? i don’t think so. you’ve taken me away from my hometown, from my family, from my friends, and stuck me here, in the armpit of florida. not cool.

    you’ve made me want to kill myself. i’ve thought out a plan, too. it’s quite a good plan, if i do say so myself. will i go through with this plan? probably not. that would mean giving up. that would mean not being able to tell others not to make the same mistake i did. that would mean admitting defeat, something i am not prepared to do. because i will win, one way or another. whether its before my time’s up, or after, i will win. i will beat you. you will not get the best of me, o great mistake of mine.


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