• at 16.

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    I remember the days, back when we lived in an apartment, waking up in my pink room to watch anything with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen in it. Back then, i never thought I’d be able to grow up in a nice actual house. I never thought i’d be who i am today. I remember always imagining what i’d be like as a teenager..and it all turned out better than i hoped. Even though I’m just 16, i feel as though i’ve lived a great life. When i was younger, i never saw myself being a remotely pretty girl with a nice fashion sense. I never thought i’d have my first “kiss” at 13. I never thought i’d be able to live a lifelong dream of being in New York City at just 15 years old. I never thought i’d fall in love with performing arts. and I never thought i’d have the friends i have today. I may not be the “coolest” or “hottest” girl at school, I may not be the normal 16 year old girl that has a car waiting for her, and only her, in the driveway, and I may not be that girl who all the boys want…But each day, I look in the mirror and think of everything i DO have and I can’t find any amount of words to describe how truly grateful i am for being ME.

    and each day, i know in my heart that one day i’ll look back at these times and i will know that everything worked out for the best.

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