• What does that even mean?

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    *I am not good enough for you, you deserve so much better*

    Are those words supposed to make the other feel better?
    OR are they a scream for pity to make YOU feel better by
    receiving reassurance.
    Reassurance for YOURSELF in usually moments the OTHER desperately
    needs it most.

    Sweet contradictions or games that people play?

    Personal interpretation:
    You are not good enough for me!


    Because the moment you tell someone *that they deserve better*,
    you are saying nothing else then that ‘They Failed’ in showing
    you their love or you wouldn’t feel this way (if, in honesty,
    you even do).

    Everybody makes mistakes, everybody! and love will see them through if
    only people would OWN THEIR MISTAKES and learn from them to
    do better next time around.

    Seriously, how many people heard this line from someone? When did
    they usually hear this? Out of the blue as a loving compliment?
    While flattering and heartwarming to hear that the first time around,
    (you know the feeling everything is forgotten and all you want to do is
    hug those silly doubts and insecurities away), how do you feel after
    two years and those words become a constant, soon as the smallest of
    confrontations arises?

    To whoever says this to someone:
    Do you actually mean those words or is that an escape to shut down
    communication that should follow but may be uncomfortable to you?
    I want to know, sincerely, deep down, please think a moment, deep
    down do you REALLY feel this way and envision the other with someone
    else more worthy? If you love this person WHY do you so carelessly push
    them away? For one moment do you consider how THEY feel or is your own
    hurt and insecurity more important?

    I am not trying to judge anyone but these words confuse the hell out of me
    and I really don’t want to understand them the way I do. Logic to heart, heart to logic. I just really want to understand, I want to know….


    I just want to break my own cycle of always, always, feeling miserable and
    utterly torn when I hear those words. Ultimately I push my pain aside, best as possible (and it’s getting increasingly harder), grab a hold onto the last strength I can possibly gather within myself, just to comfort him.

    Sighs, I’m such a dumbass I swear!

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    1. anon
      July 20, 2011 at 7:52 pm

      got fed the same line, saw it the same way you did, still don’t get it. what does that even mean?

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