• Up the hill and back down again

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    Something caused a memory to resurface that I had kept locked away in the farthest recesses of my memory. And the more I remember the more I realize that I might have made a mistake when I told you I wanted to go back and mark our meeting spot. You took what I said the wrong way when we went up and down that hill and it was the beginning of our end, which is sad because we had only just begun. But you quickly accepted it for what you thought it to be and I knew instantly that it was for the best because you had already told me that “now” was not a good time for a relationship.

    And I do remember the way you ran your fingers up and down my arms to see if I was real, I remember the way you told me how you felt, the way you described the magical feeling. I remember the way it felt like we melted into each other afterwards. I remember the way we looked into each other’s eyes and decided that maybe we weren’t suppose to do that. I remember the way you held me as we were saying our farewells and you wondered if you could let go and I remember you telling me to never say “goodbye” because “goodbye” was forever.

    It took me a lot of years to figure it out, to figure out why thoughts of you would drift through my mind as the memories faded away. I realize something now that I didn’t back then… I had found my soulmate…. and it is the greatest feeling in the world. It is so hard to describe but I’d like to explain the feeling as akin to the feeling of an angel’s wings sweeping through our souls, it is a bittersweet feeling knowing that is all we will ever have. It is sad that we finally figured out the eye connection thing a little too late… and oh the feeling that ran between us.. I do believe we saw each other’s soul.

    I will always miss you when we are apart but just know that I always feel you, I always have, and it took me this long to know what I was feeling… to know what I let get away. But we might have never worked out back then, we were too young for a relationship of that nature. I’m sure God has a reason for everything, and things happen the way they do for a reason. I know not to dwell on what might have been because it only causes heartache but sometimes I can’t help but wonder what still could be if the time were ever right. Will we have to wait until we are back in the heavens? Or will it happen here on earth?

    Much love… until we meet again

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