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    by  • July 20, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Frustration • 0 Comments

    I was listening to the news– something I choose not to do often. Because every time I do I seem to hear “A body discovered…” “A young girl’s gone missing…” and then I wonder. Why them? Who did it? Why did they? What was the point to taking someone’s child? Stealing their life?

    And then I wonder– could it happen to me? Could some disturbed person target and kill me, next? And suddenly, it’s my name on the news. How would my friends and family take it, I wonder? It’s a scary thought.

    But I suppose it’s even scarier to think about how someone could do something like that to another human being. How could you strangle the air out of a small child? Stab someone’s mother or father? How could you calmly take the life of someone who has friends, has family? What kind of pleasure could you gain by ruining part of, if not all of, someone’s life? How could someone do it?

    I can’t help it. Hearing about someone losing their life makes me wonder how I’ll lose my own, and it’s a scary thought to have. Will someone break into my home? Will someone catch me off guard? Will I get mugged in some side alley and left to bleed to death? Could I be raped and strangled?

    Maybe my car will hit black ice in winter? And suddenly, I’m just another car crash.

    Or will I go quietly in my sleep, and not be found for weeks?

    I don’t like these thoughts.

    And that’s why I don’t like listening to the news.

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