• The Truth

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    I’ve told her about the cuts and how I hate myself for them. She knows pretty much everything about me.

    She’s my strength, my hope and I tell her that. I tell her that she’s beautiful and amazing, she just never believes me. I wish she would though, because it’s so true.

    I’m in love with her eyes. Mind you, it’s not just her eyes that I’m in love with, it’s her. I just can’t tell her, it would make everything awkward because she’s like my sister and I’m like hers.

    Yeah, I’m a girl that likes girls. So what if I’m bi?

    I’m falling for this girl, she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I can talk to her whenever, about anything. It’s great. She’s great.

    I love this girl. I smile every thime I talk to her, I miss her every time she’s gone, if I see her AT ALL, my day is madde. Just thinking about her gives me butterflies.

    She is amazing and beautiful.

    I love her.

    The One Who Will Never Tell

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