• That Party Last Night

    by  • July 20, 2011 • Friends • 0 Comments

    We said we wouldn’t. We said that wouldn’t happen again. Do you understand how dirty I feel? You didn’t make it out in time. Do you know what the fuck is going on right now? Because I do. Not only did I fuck you, I liked it, all 3 times, both nights. But this changes EVERYTHING. and that’s the last thing I want. We both have futures. If this pill doesn’t work, I promise I’ll only fuck up mine. But can I just say, Please just can I say I would absolutely love to hear you say just once, one protest that says my choice matters, that says that you’ll understand what ever choice I make? I know I’m not your girlfriend, I know this needs to stay underthedamntable. But Just once can we pretend.

    I can’t believe I was drunk again, That wouldn’t have happened again if I was wearing clothes by the way. Or if you were, will power was lost when your penis was hard, I was drunk. How did we let this happen? IM LYING FOR YOU.

    I Hate You.
    I disgust myself.
    I hope you hated every fucking minute of it. Because I don’t have regrets. I regret this though, I’m sure you don’t give a fuck. however I DO and I matter, and I want you to know I wish you never kissed me, I wish you never held my hand, I wish you never cuddled with me, I wish I never met you but worst of all.. I wish you were here, to tell me everything was going to be okay.

    Sincerely Zombie Feet

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