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    I just wrote a letter to my best friend. I am planning on sending it to her. We had a petty stupid fight. Something that should be this horrible, but somehow got turned into world war 3. I wrote two letters. The first is the letter i hope she reads. The second is the letter i wish she wouldn’t. I am praying this petty fight didn’t honestly ruin what we have. But if it did, and she tells me when asked… If she says the words “we can no longer be friends”… if she breaks my heart… she can have that second letter. the one telling her what i am sorry i am losing, the one that tells her i am sorry, the one that tells her i wish her well and never intended for a shitty ending like this. I always expected to grow apart… isn’t that what happens to most childhood friends after a few years of college? but we weren’t growing apart, at least not like everyone else. yes, we see each other rarely… but we still talk. we still have a good friendship. so i thought. This stupid fight. why? why did it happen? I am begging that she understands, and she still wants to be my friend. I am praying that i don’t hear those heart breaking words. I am hoping i get to give her the first letter. The one that tells her how sorry i am for what happened, the one that explains my point of view and why it happened, the one that tells her how stupid i think this fight was, the one that tells her how silly it is to let it ruin our friendship, and then tells her all the great things about our friendship. That is the letter i hope she reads. The opening of that letter would fill me with joy. I may even cry tears of joy if that happens. I know life is trying and hard… and i know that some of life’s problems are petty and should be put aside for larger ones… this fight we had was petty. I just hope that the lost of a best friend doesn’t seem petty to her. Because when like me, all you have is your friends… you have everything to lose in situations as such as these. We have lasted 2 years in college; elementary through high school together; and through countless other dumb fights. PLEASE! i beg, put this in the past and please chose the first letter. Please don’t break my heart… i don’t know if i could ever recover.

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