• One last time

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    For the last time, I’ll explain why almost 2 years later I’m still all wrapped up in this dream of us being together.

    A relationship starting on a fluke, 8th grade.
    Back when everything was so simple and we didn’t even have to see each other to like each other. January 2007.
    It all started as simple as a message but it would shape the person I am today.
    We went from just a junior high couple, to high school sweethearts.
    Ask anyone about us and they knew we were crazy about each other.
    From high school dances, to sports, we did it all, together.
    BUT about Sophomore year we both started to change, to grow up.
    We were both going in different directions, becoming different people.
    For some crazy reason we didn’t want to let each other go. So we brought each other down. We were AWFUL to each other. Then beginning of Junior year. I got pregnant. And of course that’s when things won’t work out anymore. And you left. You found a new girlfriend. You told me awful things about myself and the parent that I was goign to be. And I realized That whole time you weren’t there for me that you would be there for our baby. it was just me you didn’t want around. I understand now why things are the way they are. I just DON’T understand why you have to continue to keep me attached. Really coming over, texting me all the time. It would be one thing if it was about our daughter but it isn’t half of the time. We are both going ot college now, different ones at that and I want to be happy. So this is the last time I will allow myself to hurt over this situation. I will never EVER again allow you to break me down and get back into my heart. I DESERVE more than that.

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