• Mine.

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    you were never mine.
    we were never us.
    so yeah,
    it makes sense that you don’t care
    I know you don’t miss me
    You don’t miss all the talks we had
    all the time spent laughing at each other
    You don’t miss your arm around me
    with mine wrapped around your slender waist
    You don’t miss all the times you should have kissed me
    but didn’t
    all the times you could have pulled me in and made me yours
    all the moments you could have grabbed my hand and held onto it
    sometimes I wonder what it would have been like to have someone like you.
    Would I always have to wonder where you were?
    or how many other girls you promised the same things?
    Did you think about her when you were with me?
    I tried not to.
    I tried not to think about the fact that you’re dating a 14 year old.
    I tried not to think about the fact that you chose her over me time and time again.
    What did she have that I didn’t?
    I was prepared to do anything you asked of me in spite of what my head and my friends told me.
    I didn’t love you… maybe I never would
    but you also never gave me the chance.
    Sometimes I’m really glad we never had sex.
    You were a terrible kisser.
    You never kissed me like you meant it.. or even wanted to
    You didn’t hold me like I was your world.
    There was no passion. No heat.
    And that’s what I deserve
    Go fuck your 14 year old and have a good life.
    Scratch that… I hope you get her pregnant and your mom throws your ass out once and for all.
    Have fun trying to raise a child with no education and no money.
    That’s what you deserve.

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