• Memoirs of a Modern Day Teenager

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    I’m a teenager. Now what do you think when you read that? Do you think you are reading a letter about boys, drama, high school bitches, and “true love”? That’s probably what you are thinking but that’s okay. Honestly i would too. So what i’m going to do is tell you who i am.

    I am a 15 year old girl. I am 5’7 and 150 lbs. I have dark brown extremely curly hair with eyes that can’t seem to decide what color they are. I am possibly the palest person on the planet but it suits me well. I listen to all types of music and am the biggest movie nerd you could possibly meet.

    I don’t start/get involved with drama. I don’t cut myself nor will i ever. I may not be perfect but who really is? I have the best friends a person could ask for and we don’t smoke, do drugs, or drink alcohol. We make our own fun and don’t let others get us down.

    I don’t know where i’m going with my life but i know whatever happens i will have people there to support me. I guess this whole letter was to tell the world that there are people to break the mold, to be different, and above all else, represent what real teenagers are.

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