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    Dear Ciaran,

    I’m pretty sure you’ll come across this eventually because this is the kind of site you used to like, the spilling of emotions secretly and all that juvenile crap.

    Well I forgive you.

    I forgive you for stealing from me and my brother. I forgive you for lying about it for months. I forgive you for trying to twist my mind against my family. I forgive you for making me weak, breaking me, keeping me down. I forgive you for solving my issues from my childhood only to replace them with a whole new set for adult relationships. I forgive you for lying, turning people against me, hurting me through others. I forgive you for scaring me so much that I got the police involved. I forgive you (just about) for threatening to kill yourself to spite me and saying I only didn’t want the blame. I forgive you all your sins against me.

    I can forgive all this because I don’t love you any more. Don’t get me wrong I can’t erase what was but you aren’t the man I loved so I have no problems in not loving you. I still look fondly back on the good times but I don’t even dislike you. I don’t even feel enough emotion for that. I am indifferent to your existence and your continued pretense that you are doing something with your life.

    what I wish for you in life is distance from me and that is all, no bad luck or ill will. (I’m pretty sure in the last year I’ve wished enough harm and bad karma on you to last ya)

    Never again yours,

    p.s. When I said I threw out your hoodie in our on/off phase I didn’t. I burned it. Now THAT I remember fondly 🙂

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