• It’ll never happen

    by  • July 20, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Smitten • 0 Comments

    Whenever I see you, even though it’s only once every other week at work, I get giddy.
    It’s kind of weird.
    I don’t feel butterflies or anything cliche like that; but I’m just…happy.
    Happy to see you. Happy to see you smile when I say something without thinking first.
    Or when you smile at something I’ve rehearsed.
    The way we can simply talk for hours kind of astounds me. Especially since all the while we’re at work, our conversations broken up into fragments as customers come through.
    The way you hold your hands up to your face when you giggle is damn right adorable. I can’t help but smile as I play it through my mind.
    The way you’re so confident in who you are…I think that is one of your most attractive features, though you have several.
    If only I could write this letter to you, and for your eyes alone.
    If only you knew that I do wish we could have something more than a platonic relationship.
    Yet I fear that will never happen.
    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t fear being rejected.
    I just know, somehow, that we were never meant for more than friendship, no matter how strongly I wish we could be more.
    So I’ll have to make do.
    I’ll hang out with you whenever possible.
    I’ll be here if you need someone to vent to, even if it’s 3:49 in the morning and all I want is to sleep.
    I’ll listen.
    I’ll listen wholeheartedly, because I really do care about you.
    Even if It’ll never happen.

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