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    Dear, Chad.

    I miss you. I have been missing you for two years now… I wake up every morning with regret, and thoughts of what could have been, the thought of you holding her the way you used to hold me… and it kills me. I don’t understand why i’ve held on for so long. Two years is a long time to hold on to a two year relationship… Am I crazy? Do you not feel what I have felt every day that we’ve been apart for the last two years? Because I have felt there is this vital piece of me that’s been missing. And I tried to fill it, Chad. I tried to fill it… with work and friends and music and it’s stayed empty. Maybe the problem is, i’ve never got closure… but i don’t want that. I simply want you to come back to me, i want to be with you. You’re the only guy i’ve ever loved… and probably the only guy i ever will love. I have hope… that one day, you’ll come back to me. And i’ll be waiting. Forever and Always. <3 poobear & piglet.

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