• Concerns

    by  • July 20, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Fear • 0 Comments

    My first time I got high was a few days ago, I swore I never would but I was compelled not to be such a downer, I was compelled by my boyfriend who used to smoke but stopped for me.
    He did not ask me to, he didn’t even care.
    But I wanted to show him that I don’t have a stick up my ass.
    And now?
    I’m scared I might be pregnant.
    I’m scared that people will think less of me.
    I’m scared of what I might have become.
    But I am really scared of myself and the fact that I actually had fun that night, and that I would not mind doing it again. That maybe my boyfriend likes me better this way, or likes me better when I’m high.
    Those are my concerns.

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