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    after mom died, i thought we would become a stronger family. you, my brothers and sister, and I. I thought we would come together, help each other through.

    that happend. but not with you. you decided to date not even a year after mom died. you decided you were going to get married shortly after a year. you kept this all hidden until the day i put on my bridesmaid dress and was watching you kiss the bitch.

    honestly. that wasn’t all bad. i could live with the bitch that kept you at work. that kept you from talking to your four kids. i could live with that.

    but the day you decided to up and move to california with her was on a whole other level. you just left. you kept in touch by phone and you sent some money every month still supporting me… for three months. after the money stopped coming…so did the calls.

    i haven’t heard from you for two years. i don’t understand. what made you want to forget your baby girl? i wish i could understand. maybe if i understood. then it wouldn’t eat at me everyday. it wouldn’t make me feel that i was left because i wasn’t good enough for you or your new family.

    i’ll always be waiting.

    with care,
    your youngest.

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