• Best Friend’s Lover

    by  • July 20, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Acceptance • 0 Comments

    I met you in the middle of freshmen year. We went to a football game with a mutual friend and i didn’t give you a second thought. I should have. A few months later you started dating my best friend. We started spending more time together because you were always with her. Our friendship was odd. We always had this sort of connection when we were together. Nobody noticed except for us but we never spoke of it. One night while i was hosting a sleepover with my closest friends (including your girlfriend) when you called her. Everyone there knew about your relationship issues so the rest of us just kept quite while you two talked. Then i heard something concerning me. I lifted my head and my friend was looking at me. I mouthed her what but she just shook her head. I was scared i had done something i didn’t remember doing or something like that. As soon as she hung up, i asked her what the conversation had to do with me. She said the words i never expected to hear. I was a threat. He liked me. A lot. Or at least enough to cause problems. It has been about 6 months since that night and a lot of things have changed. I feel closer to you yet at the same i feel more distanced than ever. I can’t believe you love me. I can’t believe you acted on those feelings when she wasn’t around. I’m sorry but she’s my best friend…. and we both have to let go

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