• A wasted year

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    Dear Alex,

    I have spent this entire year completely and utterly in love with you. We’ve been such good friends, and very close the whole time. But you strung me along like a bead on a necklace. You gave me false hope, you treated me well and it completely blinded me. Even during the summer we’ve kept in contact, hung out, and spent sleepless nights talking. I trusted you. That doesn’t happen often. You promised me that when you went to college (which I will remind you, is at home) you’d stay in touch and never forget me. So what happened? I left on vacation for 1 week, and you have completely forgotten me. Summer isn’t over-there’s still time. But I think I may be done. You’ve left me hurting and shaken. So lets just forget this year. Lets forget watching movies together. Lets forget falling asleep in armchairs together. Lets forget all the almosts. Lets forget the fact that your family likes me, your best friends love me, and I make your ex jealous. Lets forget that I “Understand you so well, and am so beautiful.” Forget all the breakfast’s, lunches, dinners, teddy bears, car rides, water guns, songs you sent me, and the countless hours we’ve spent together. I’ll stop being “Your favorite”.

    So I wish you the best. Have fun in college. Live, laugh, do stupid things. In the two years we’ll be separated we will both change. And when we see each other again, I guess we’ll just act like people who used to know each other. I’ll look at you, you’ll look at me, maybe we’ll even say hi. Maybe we’ll even hang. Who knows.

    Just so you know though, we would have been great. We could have made it work. But I guess now I can spend the time picking up the pieces. I’ll stay behind, be forgotten and try and let this wasted year fade from my memory. Even though it was the best year of my life. It just had a terrible ending.

    Thanks for Everything-A.

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