• Searching.

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    I am searching.
    I am searching for someone, a companion. a friend. someone to confide in.
    Loneliness seems to have followed me for nearly years, and all i want is a friend. Day after day, poetry flows out of me, and the main underlying theme: my need for someone.
    I want someone who will:
    wake up early to watch the sunset
    sing along terribly with me to songs on the radio
    watch a sappy romantic comedy followed by a scifi film
    listen to me play my ukulele
    who accepts the fact that i’m a little bit quirky.
    I find myself on this website daily, sometimes almost hourly reading about other peoples love for one another, and i wonder, does anyone feel this way about me? I know that I have had someone who i have something to tell, but am not courageous enough to say.
    and sometimes, i hope, almost imagine that it is about me.
    My birthday is coming up, and i think it will be one of the loneliest ones yet.
    And though i’m not looking for a relationship, I do hope that the guy I’m searching for is out there.
    If you are out there.
    If you want to talk.
    If you live.
    If I spoke to you in some way,
    Contact me.
    Because I would like for you to speak to me too.

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