• It Was Far Too Much;

    by  • July 19, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Depression, Waxing Poetic • 0 Comments

    It Was Too Much.
    I Scrolled Through A Thousand Pictures. I Forgot What It Meant To Be Human, When He Smiled Next To A Corpse, Or When They Held Those Children Hostage. There Were Tears When I Saw The Faces.

    They Came Back With Flags On Coffins And Said We Won.

    And No, This Isn’t Some Liberal Kid Spitting Left Politics Bullshit… This Is Me, This Is Human. I Know I’m No Saint, And You Can Never Call Someone Else A Sinner, But This Was Too Much. It Was A Thousand Words I Was Supposed To See, A Polaroid Of A Memory. And i Know I Will Truly Understand The Fighting, Or The Wars. Or How They Could Hate Me When They Have Never Met Me.. Or Why My Mother Still Cries Sometimes At Night. Or The Way My Father Still Won’t Put Down The Bottle…

    But Maybe This Has Nothing To Do With Any Of That.
    Maybe This Is Bigger Than Me, Or You, Or All Of Us. And i Know I’m Running Out Of Crappy Cliches To Fill In The Blanks, But It’s Because I Never Expected It To Hurt That Much. I Had Always Thought If I Spread My Fingers Wide Enough, I Could Catch The Pain I Wanted To Heal. I Didn’t Know There Was Hurt That Band Aids And Poetry Couldn’t Heal.

    Maybe This Is Something Primitive, Inside All Of Us.
    Call It Hope.
    Call It Stupidity.

    Or Call It The Beginning.

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