• Important Feelings

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    I understand that I am different. I don’t belong to a certain age group or era. I am both the jock and the nerd, the bitch and the best friend.

    I don’t understand why you judge me. I do what is asked. I try what you want me to try. But there is this feeling in the pit of my stomach that I know you are wrong. You poke and prod my appearance to show me my “flabby” stomach when I am perfectly happy. You tell me to show the world affection, but show disgust or confusion as to why I enjoy learning about or loving other ethnicities. I want to help the world and you would rather have me sit in Hollywood at a high paid high profile job to only help yourself.

    When it comes to your friends I am a trophy child. “She plays soccer for the NCAA” “She goes to a top ranked school” “She has more extracurriculars than your child” “She’s so smart”. I do have other siblings that do just as extraordinary things, but they don’t reach your standards do they? You sacrificed your dreams so now we have to sacrifice ours to fulfil yours.

    I love myself too much to let you dictate my life and tell me I’m not good enough for certain things or that it is waste to help those in need. I will reach my goal help people. I will leave something behind to show I helped free the world you tried so hard to keep in chains.

    Love you mom

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