• I guess we’ll never know what could have been.

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    I look at pictures of you with her and I wonder, what would it be like for me to be the one standing next to you. But I look at him and know I could never leave him. He will be my husband someday, but I’ll always wonder about you. Could we get over all the things we disagree on? Could we make compromises about our values in order to be together? Do I want to do that? You always made me laugh, and I always loved your hugs. But I have always wondered what your lips taste like. Would it have been different if I just made a move years ago? Would I have been at that party where I met him alone? Or would you have been with me? I love him, but I long for you. Can we really stay friends with everything we have been through? Would you have ever really left her? Or would we have been together for a while and then you would have gone back to her. I guess we will never know what could have been, because I don’t have the strength to almost leave him again. But I will always wonder about you, about the way you smell, about the feeling I get when I’m with you, about the people we could have been together… I will always love you

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