• Dear RA,

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    I think I love you. It is really love or is it that you’re the first guy to treat me in such a manner? Or are you that attentive simply because being nice to your residents is part of your job? To think that when I first arrived on our floor I was hesitant to even respond to you. Now……we talk for what seems like forever to me. We bicker playfully, we watch our favorite tv show together, we eat together when time permits, we do errands for each other, text good night when we remember, stop at each other’s rooms to say hi and bye. When I leave for class I love to see your door open. I’m saddened when you’re on the phone with what seems to be another girl and thus I lose my chance to say hi to you. I like to avoid you for a few days straight because your reaction once you see me after 3 days makes me happy. You smile from side to side as you extend your arms and come towards me wanting a hug. You say I’m your daughter and you’re my father. Do you know how much I wish you would stop that? Every time you say that I feels as though there is absolutely no chance of ever being together in the way i wish. I want love. Whenever I saw you walking on campus I smiled. However, every time I saw you walking with a girl to have lunch it hurt watching you walk further and further away. When I saw you gave flowers to the girl that visits you on Valentine’s Day really hurt. It really hurt to know that it’s just me and my one sided love. But you know what? What hurt the most is when I saw her storm out and I caught a glimpse of the flowers on your floor. The thought that your were even the slightest bit hurt by whatever it was that happened made my heart break even more. I don’t like to see you sad. Every time I got your text I smiled so much my friends would just stare at me. To think we would get so close in only one year. However, this year we’re living on opposite sides of campus. You said we’ll definitely stay in touch and visit each other. But will we really keep this promise? Even now that we’re on school break I look forward to your texts but they’re very rare. I think of you everyday and hope to get at least one text from you. We’re already drifting apart. Maybe I’m just making things up in my head. I………….really do think I love you.

    With this I hope that we’ll remain friends even though I may not be by your side in the way my heart wishes.

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