• Brandon <3

    by  • July 19, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Heartbreak • 0 Comments

    I’m so close to getting over you..but yet so far from it…..I know you’ll come back. I don’t know when, but I can’t wait. It sucks, because I like some people right now…and I know in the end I’m just going to hurt them all, because once you come back…I’ll only want you. Everytime I think about any other guy…you always end up being the last thought. I dreamt about you last night….that hasn’t happened in quite a while….It was a bittersweat dream though. You came back to me…I loved it, and it felt so incredibly real…but then I woke up. How unfortunate…..Moving on is where I need to go. I am…but I can’t fully commit to it. I still love you. You we’re my first…that is one of the biggest reason I can’t let go. Though thats not why I love you. I fell in love with you way before we did anything like that. I wish you would talk to me when I text you or message you on facebook. Instead of being ignored..you know what it’s like to be ignored..so why are you doing it to me now? Please think about your actions..and come back to me. Even though everyone doesn’t want me to take you back ever again..I will….against everyone. <3
    I love you

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