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    well, this is something I wrote a while back.. and things changed tremendously since then.. and I don’t know whether I should be regretting it or not, same way I don’t know if You’re regretting to have ever gotten close.
    There’s a good chance you’d read this, at least then you wouldn’t be able to complain about nothing happening..and, well I have no clue what you always talk about, being lost and confused, cause I’m twice as lost and confused.. and well, just read it, the meaning of it has already started to fade, and I don’t want to hate you..ever.
    just be happy.

    here it goes:

    This is a poem about You
    Everything I’ll write is true

    Love is a decision as many say
    You choose to either run or stay
    I don’t remember choosing to stay
    But I know I didn’t walk away

    I’m not in love yet but soon
    I love the sun, you love the moon

    We’re like a puzzle You and I
    I want You,you don’t have to try

    You are my type and I’m sure
    You’re smart, strong and so mature

    Helpless is how you make me feel
    I’m safe with you,my wounds they heal

    It fits like this we both know
    Or is it just me, my feelings grow?

    I guess we need some time, a break
    But I hope and wish for the love we’d make

    When it happens finally one day
    I know we’d be great in every way

    Every different person is interesting
    But You’re unique at everything

    You made me realize that I
    might fall for You, you know why

    Besides the chemistry I was impressed
    When I met You, you were at you best

    You relocated my thoughts and plans
    You’re my role model, my chance

    To be who I am shamelessly
    You rearranged the person in me

    I thank You from the bottom of my heart
    Because of You I might restart

    I’ll be happy and smile, too
    But just as long as it’s with You

    I’d be your tiny friend and lover
    I’d be your child, I’d be your mother

    We’d be the closest people, us two
    That’s when I’d read this poem to You!

    ..yeah, so that’s it.. but that’s never gonna happen.

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