• A Love Not Realized

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    My Love,

    It should have ended before it began, and yet we continue this thing that we will never be able to finish. We promised not to fall in love with each other as we fell into bed together, and I try with all my might to hide that love in my eyes when I look at you, but it becomes harder with each day. I fear we are digging a hole much too deep for ourselves, my darling, and I can see now that you will walk out unscathed but my heart will be left in pieces at the bottom of that pit.

    I do not know what we are and I do not know where we are going. When we part ways at the end of this summer, I wonder how you will remember me. I know my feelings for you run a course much deeper than those that you have for me, and I realize that my heart will be broken quite completely when we say goodbye. Looking into your eyes, holding your hands, feeling your touch and your warmth and your lips; they are not like feeling his, and I will miss your fingers on my skin and the warmth of your gaze.

    I will never be able to tell you that I love you; I will never have the chance to express how I really feel. So I say it here, hoping against hope that you feel for me the way I feel for you, though I know that you do not. I love you, more than I can say. I love you, quite completely.

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