• You that has a hold over me.

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    You are my boyfriend and i’m in love with you. I feel comfortable with you and would be crushed without you. I’m going off to college and we want to keep this together. I want to keep this together, but i dont think you trust me, despite all that you have told me about loving me… i have my doubts. I know that i will never look for anyone else in college. I want to marry you. Everytime you don’t text back i feel like i’m attached and glued to my phone. i can’t stop checking it wondering if you are mad at me or something? or maybe you don’t want to talk to me. The other week you said you didn’t feel as good about us. I was dying inside. but then you changed your mind. how did i know you would change your mind again? i know i can’t be sure. I wish i could be because i would love to see you every second of the day. i wish we couldn’t see each other for a few days but it will drive me crazy. You, if you ever leave me, If this ever doesn’t work out… i will be absolutely crushed and i don’t know how i will recover. I gave myself to you. I gave you my virginity. I want you to know that meant something. That meant so much to me. you mean so much to me. I’m leaving in less than a month and i don’t want to leave this because i’m afraid it will fall apart. I’m currently awaiting your texts right now and i haven’t heard from you in hours. I know it sounds crazy but i just like to hear from you. maybe i’ll see you this weekend. or tonight. but i don’t want to be hanging on your every word. I don’t want to go off to college and you keeping a cloud over this relationship when i’m gone. yes i’ll miss you, but let’s have hope and be happy. I also still am scared a little bit that i am pregnant. I have a ton of stress on me. I just wanted to get this off my mind and tell you all this.

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