• Wanting More

    by  • July 18, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Yearning for You • 0 Comments

    We’re best friends, and have been for quite some time, but I want more. We were friends for quite a long time before anything actually happened between us. So you say you don’t want to risk ruining our friendship and that it just doesn’t seem totally right since we’ve been friends for so long, but it feels right to me. And do you think our friendship could really stay the same if one of us starts to date someone else? With all our sleepovers, cuddle and tickle wars? None of that fun that we have all the time now could continue, nor could we see each other all the time like we do, they would be jealous and you know it.

    Not to mention that you even said how jealous you would be if I started seeing someone and it took me away from you. I’d miss you, but I do want love and everything it entails. I’m in love with you, I tell you and you even tell me that you love me, but I want to be able to hold your hand when we drive in the car, or kiss you goodbye, to really show that love off.

    I wish I could be your boy friend and you’d take me off the market. I love being your best friend and all the fun we have, but i can’t turn my back on other possibilities love shows me if that’s really all I’ll ever be for you.

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