• To a Brighter Future

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    Dear Future-Self,

    Hows it going? I know I don’t think about you as much as I should, but life has been busy. How are those 3 degrees I was planning on getting working out for you? How about dropping a bunch of weight? How about getting that scholarship to play some football and make it pro? Are those friends you did all that crazy stuff in high school with still around? How about your first love, who made you feel like a piece of garbage? Ya i bet she’s not worth your time anymore, although she stills fills up a bunch of my time now. Hopefully my fears of developing a drinking problem don’t materialize and end up harming you in the future.

    I know you have a lot on your plate at the moment, but just remember all that hope and aspiration you had when you were younger. Remember to stay happy, because life is too short to waste being unhappy, living pay cheque to pay cheque, always worried that you may never have enough of this or enough of that. Don’t turn out to be like your father, who got a degree in something he despises just so he could make a lot of money.

    I know I am rambling a little bit here, but you used to be all I thought about, now you’re no longer the main focus of my thoughts. I just wanted to let you know some things that have been bugging me about the future, and well i decided to write a letter about it. I just hope you can understand the point I am trying to get across. If anything is un-clear, just fire me a letter write back.

    Sincerely, your 18 year old Self.

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