• Summer Ranting…

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    Dear people of this website that might read this,

    i will tell you right off the back that this is not going to be that interesting but it is summer, i go to boarding school and all of my friends are all around the freaking world. It’s so frustrating. I am bored out of my mind sitting in my room at two o clock in the freaking morning talking to myself because i can’t talk to all of my wonderful friends right now. i have absolutely no idea what to do with myself and i am almost positive that i am going through withdrawal because i just want to see all my friends SO BADLY! All i want to do right now is rant on and on about how much i want to get out of this house with my three sisters and my parents. It’s practically unbearable. I sit here and i do puzzles online and watch Kingsley videos and listen to music that my mother thinks is depressing, when really her definition of depressing music is music that isn’t party music…which is weird considering she’s a mom…but she’s an amazing mom and is super fun and actually up to date with culture 😛 This is most definitely not the same as being able to tell my friends about how much i want to see them but at least im not saying to myself again, because I’m pretty sure talking to yourself is the first sign of going completely insane which i’m pretty sure im on the way to doing. Beyond that i haven’t even started my summer work yet…it is pretty sad to say that i have a month left of summer vacation and i am already beyond ready to go back. I miss my friends. I miss my roomie. I miss my school. I even miss some of my teachers. What is my life coming to? Ahhhhhhhhhhhh

    Until next time LINS,

    P.S. Even though i was probably annoying and just full of complaints during that I actualy do feel a bit better now. 🙂

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