• Sisters

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    You left us when we needed you. You actually seem surprised that we aren’t friends anymore, when everything that you told me was a lie. Yes, you told me you were thinking of leaving, but promised you would wait and not decide until you heard what everyone had to say. What more could we have said to change your minds? To convince you that we were there for you? That we supported you? That we appreciated all of you?

    I still don’t see how deciding you didn’t want to be our sisters was ‘nothing personal’. How could you not put aside your differences, like we always said we would? Did you mean anything you said?

    I don’t know how you have all moved on without looking back, because we all still think about you. Some more than others, but maybe me most of all. You were my best friends, but that friendship, and all the others, weren’t enough anymore. You wanted everything to change, but things don’t change that quickly. If you had given everyone time and not tried to force us to see things your way, maybe you will still have the friendships and memories and laughter.

    Guess what: we still have them. We are all together and stronger than before. You could only think of what you didn’t have with us, instead of thinking all of the things that you now probably miss. Hopefully miss. I don’t know how you could lose forty friendships without caring at all, but maybe that’s the problem; we never cared about the same things.

    I still remember all of the things you each did for me. I remember the nights I crashed on your couch because I was afraid of my own roommate, the tears you helped dry when I was overwhelmed, the laughs I shared with all of you after a fun night out.

    I also remember the things I agreed with you on. I still see what you were saying, but what has you leaving done for anyone? Where are you now that’s so much better than when you were our friends, our sisters?

    Yet here I am, months later, and I still can’t forget all of you.

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