• Playing games with a stranger.

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    It’s rather funny now that I think about it but when I first discovered the truth I cried my eyes out. You thought it was me, you hoped it was me, you almost believed it with that text I sent you anonymously, but until I confirmed it face to face… you didn’t really know for sure. But you had fun with it anyway… thinking you knew!!

    How ironic is that?

    Because, even though my memory was slow to return… I thought it was you, I hoped it was you, I wanted it to be you, I wished for it to be you, and I prayed for an answer to what I was afraid to ask. Not so that I could be with you, but because of all the people I have met… you are the only one I would have wanted it to be, regardless of the circumstances.

    What we shared means the world to me, YOU mean the world to me and you always will… no matter where we are in life. I wondered for a while, for a long time actually, if this meant we were suppose to be together. I think we were both looking for signs and struggling with our inner demons

    I’m sure you will agree that “thinking we knew” went on for entirely too long. I am not sure who sped up the discovery or if it was a mixture of things but it finally came out in the open. We might have both learned some sort of lesson from it. You along with your girlfriend taught me how to open up my heart… to Friendships, to God, and to Love. You helped me to know Happiness. You made me feel like I was somebody, you brought me out of my shell. I may make still mistakes along the way of Life, I am sure there are many more lessons to learn. I may make decisions that you don’t approve of, but now that I know Love in my Heart, I have to use it to it’s fullest advantage.

    You may think he is wrong for me, heck even my inner demons say the same thing, but my heart says otherwise. You should always listen to your heart first and foremost because that is where God’s Love is.

    Much Love… until we met again

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