• Now Always and Forever <3

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    How do I tell you what I feel? Do you already know?
    There are so many thoughts in my head, but none of them have the courage to fly through my fingertips and appear in this letter.
    I’d tell you I love you, but I don’t know how
    I’d tell you I miss you, but I just can’t right now

    I make a wish on 11:11 every night that I can hoping that you’ll think of me
    I cross my fingers and pray that it’s killing you just like it’s killing me
    I hold my lucky penny in my hand and imagine you smiling at me

    I’m living in my dreams because I can always see you in them, I’m in the clouds because you’re what makes me fly, I’m smiling because I remember your face, and all I want to do is see my reflection in your eyes because it’ll mean that you can no longer see anyone but me.

    I love you Shabby, and since I can’t tell you I’ll tell the world

    Now Always and Forever <3

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